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We are all part of a whole - a drop that needs to perceive the ocean it is part of. Experience true collectivity and the joy that comes from feeling completely, absolutely secure, protected and loved.

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The Sahaja Intermediate Meditation Seminar will run from the evening of Friday, August 9 through midday on Sunday, August 11. This meditation seminar is designed for intermediate meditation practitioners who have been learning and deepening in Sahaja in recent months and years, and are eager to learn more!

To register, please fill out the form below. Registration for the seminar, covering accommodation, meals, and all activities, is $50. This rate increases to $75 for all registrations after August 1. If this fee is an obstacle to attending, please contact us. Please register early to allow for the organizers to plan accordingly for all attendees.

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Transportation and Accommodation

The Sahaja Intermediate meditation seminar will take place in a rural setting in Upstate New York, about 15 minutes from the village of Canajoharie, and 30 minutes from Cooperstown. It is 1 hour west of Albany, NY, and approximately 3.5 hours from downtown NYC. The address of the site, which will work with GPS is: 293 Starkville Road, Fort Plain, NY 13339. When you register for the seminar, you will receive via e-mail a map (which you can print out) to help you find the location, and also some details to help you navigate once you reach the property.

The property is a semi-rustic, camp-like setting with some permanent structures. There is a large barn for collective gatherings, and a smaller unfurnished barn used for collective accommodation. Attendees are welcome to bring their own individual tents, or can stay in the collective accommodations. Women will be directed to one of the two barns, and men will sleep in the other barn. The barns have either wood floors with carpets (for women), or carpets on a dirt floor (for men).

On-site sleeping accommodations are unfurnished. If you require a bed, it is recommended you opt for a local motel or bed & breakfast, or bring an air mattress with you. On-site facilities are as follows: indoor meditation hall, collective kitchen & eating pavilion, showers, and portable toilets. All meals are prepared by volunteers on-location. There are various off-site accommodations available within a 15-30 minute radius. Please see the FAQ section for more information about off-site accommodations and specific dietary needs.

Please do bring with you:

  • Clothes for warm sunny days, colder nights, and rain
  • Sleeping bag & pillow
  • Air Mattress / Foam camping mat to sleep on (if required)
  • Extra blanket (if required)
  • Flashlight
  • Bug spray
  • Sunhat and Sunscreen
  • Rain gear/Rain shoes/Umbrella
  • Towel
  • Jacket / sweater
  • Good shoes for the outdoors
  • Optional items:
  • Tent
  • Meditation mat, rug or blanket

Please be mindful of the following guidelines for all visitors:

  • Firearms (loaded or unloaded) are not allowed on the property
  • All vehicle travel must be confined to designated roads or areas. The speed for all vehicles is 15 miles per hour, and parking is permitted only in designated areas.
  • Refuse, including garbage, paper boxes, bottles, and other waste, shall be placed only in designated receptacles.
  • Smoking and Alcohol/Substance Use is prohibited while on the property.
  • The Sahaja Meditation Center (SMC) is not open to the public. It is open to visitors upon personal invitation only.


In the area around Canajoharie during August, it can get hot during the day (temperatures in the 80s to 90s) and chilly during the night (sometimes going down to the 40s). So please bring a set of warm clothing for the late evening and nights.

All meals are prepared by volunteers on location. Meals are designed to be simple, and made with fresh ingredients. The first meal will be Friday dinner, at 8pm, and the last meal will be Sunday lunch, at noon. Menus are designed to have a vegetarian option. A vegan option may not be available at all meals. If you have special dietary needs (vegan, lactose/gluten free), you are advised to bring food for your specific needs. If any personal food requires refrigeration, please label it with your name and place it inside the cold storage room in the kitchen.

The towns of Canajoharie, Fort Plain, Sharon Springs, Cooperstown and Johnstown are all within driving distance (20 - 45 minutes away) and have various kinds of accommodations, including Bed & Breakfasts, Motels, Hotels, or Apartment / House Rentals. Try searching on TripAdvisor or

Please park in a designated parking area. These will be clearly labeled.

If you plan to come by bus, the closest bus stations are:

  • Schenectady Bus Station (link)
  • Albany Bus station (link)
  • Amsterdam Bus Station* (link)
  • Johnstown Bus Station* (link)
  • Fonda Bus Station* (link)
  • Cooperstown Bus Station* (link)
Once you arrive at any of these bus stations, you will need to arrange for a taxi to get you to the site.

*closest station

If you plan to come by train, the closest train stations are:

  • Albany / Rensselaer Train Station (link)
  • Schenectady Train Station* (link)
  • Amsterdam Train Station* (link)
  • Utica Train Station (link)
Once you arrive at any of these train stations, you will need to arrange for a taxi to get you to the site.

*closest station

The closest airport is Albany International Airport. Once you arrive at the Albany Airport, you will need to rent a car, or arrange for a taxi to get you to the site.

Contact Us

This seminar is organized by a team of volunteers, including Melanie Pandit, Michelle Simons and Nirmal Mukhi. Please do contact the organizers if you have any questions at all. You can contact them by emailing

Looking forward to gathering together with you in Upstate NY soon!